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Road tankers

Romex offers dedicated tanker superstructures for transportation of liquid foodstuffs, such as milk, juice, wine, beer and water, as well as liquid chemical products, including units complying with ADR.

Milk collection tankers

We have been working on issues and chalanges related to the transport and collection of milk for almost 30 years. Many years of experience in the production of road tankers for milk, in cooperation with our clients, gave us extensive experience related to the details of hygienic requirements, milk transport conditions in various countries and the ergonomics of cabinet design for automated milk collection systems.

Tailormade designs

Transport conditions require a special approach?

Each tanker being produced in our factory undergoes through a special weight optimization programme to provide the customer with the best possible solution, taking into account all special wishes ...
tailored toolboxes and supporting piping system
customized central washing system for each compartment, suitable for C.I.P
selectable number of compartments and various tank shapes
optimized weight, height and location of centre of gravity
optimized walls and insulation thickness
placement of dedicated measurement systems, pumping and distribution systems
additional accessories such as: walkways, platforms, ladders, inteligent monitoring and lighting systems

Pumping system running with engine off?

The use of modern battery systems has allowed us to expand the offer of collection and distribution systems, enabling the operation of the pumping system with the truck's engine being switched off during normal operation.

Selected specifications

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with selection of our road tankers portfolio.
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About us

We are a manufacturer of road tankers, trailers and semi-trailers for transportation of liquids, stainless steel tanks as well as measuring and flow control systems. We invite you to contact us and check our offer.
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